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Some people have a misconception about the population of Northwestern Iowa, but Sioux City is one of the largest cities in the state of Iowa with a population of 1.5 million people. The city is home to several cultural attractions, including the Sergeant Floyd Monument, a National Historic Landmark. Here are a few things to take home when you're in Sioux City these days. These include restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants where you can eat, drink, shop, eat and play.

Five Ridge Prairie north of the city also offers great views of Sioux City and the rest of Iowa State as well as the Great Plains.

To experience the creepy side of Iowa, just visit the Missouri River, which separates Nebraska from Iowa and South Dakota's North Side from the South Side. This walk is walking and bike friendly and includes the Siouxland Veterans Memorial Bridge, which connects downtown South Sioux City, Nebraska, with downtown Sioux City, Iowa. The Missouri River Branch extends from the tip of southern Louisiana to northern Minnesota and includes hundreds of rivers and towns along its way.

Many parts of Sioux City are unique in the Loess Hills formation, and Stone Park is the northernmost part of them. It looks particularly cool at night when it is illuminated and offers a great view of the Missouri River and its tributaries in the Sioux Valley. Stone Park is home to one of Iowa's most popular hiking and biking trails, and is just a short walk from the city's main street. The Missouri River is a popular tourist attraction in South Dakota and the largest river in Iowa.

Located on the South Dakota-Iowa border, the park consists of a number of hiking trails and the Missouri River Trail. Highway 20 brings motorists from the east and west to Sioux City all the way from Illinois and Wyoming, and Highway 75 stretches south and north of the city, along with a number of other major highways in Iowa.

Sioux City is located on an important tributary of the Mississippi River, which is the only one of the lower 48 longer than the Mississippi itself. Interstate 29 (I-29) passes through Sioux City before reaching South Dakota, where it follows the Big Sioux River.

The Sioux City metropolitan area, or Siouxland, includes part of three US states and is located in Iowa, but extends westward and includes parts of South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska, as well as parts of North Dakota.

Eagle Point Park (43) covers 164 acres and offers scenic views of Sioux City, Siouxland and the rest of the state. Dubuque attracts visitors from all over the country, with a variety of walking, cycling, hiking and biking trails located just within the city limits. These trails offer plenty of artisanal wine and more in cities like Anamosa, Baldwin and Decorah. The trail is located on the western edge of Iowa City and just a few miles from the Iowa State Capitol.

Iowa's largest city also has one of the state's most beautiful parks, Lief Erickson Park. There is a new, nearly completed new park on the west side of downtown Iowa City, with a 1,000-foot path through Lefebvre Park and a two-mile path to the Iowa State Capitol and the Capitol.

While you're enjoying a great baseball game, you should attend Iowa State University's baseball game against the University of Iowa in Iowa City. While covering a Republican Party event in town, we could drop by to hear how some of the leading Republicans in Sioux City thought of us when we covered it.

The best cakes and donuts in Siouxland make up for the tremors in downtown Sioux City and are our best recommendation for a Sioux breakfast. The cafe's signature fried donuts have a loyal following, some of which are considered by some Sioux City residents to be the best in the city. Run by the same owner of the famous New York restaurant, it's a pretty classy joint to expect, especially if you're late for work or on your way home from a long day at the office. Sioux City has a lot of great neighborhood bars, but the Miles Inn is definitely the best of them and definitely one of their best.

Morningside has a 68-acre campus in Sioux City and a population of 82,684 (2010 Census), making it the fourth largest city in Iowa. In 2010 it had 182,675 inhabitants and in 2012 it grew to an estimated population of 183,052.

The historic Orpheum Theatre, which has hosted Katherine Hepburn and Fred Astaire, is located in downtown Sioux City. In March 2013, Sioux City was also recognized by Site Selection as the second-highest quality of life of any city in Iowa, behind Des Moines.

For more information on the city's history and culture, visit the Sioux City Historical Society's website or its Facebook page.

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